Vista House - Columbia River Gorge

Vista House - Columbia River Gorge


Joshua Nathaniel Snider.

Born in Portland, Oregon and growing up all over the Pacific North West, Josh finds beauty in the simple struggles of both nature and life. In his songwriting, he is poetically candid and sincere. Often writing from a very personal perspective, Josh's lyrics weave together an introspective and stirring narrative. 

Josh Snider & The Attic Kids formed around Josh's solo endeavors. With the addition of a band Josh's sound began to be fleshed out and more full arrangements explored.

Now calling Utah home, Josh is pursuing art in an effort to connect with others as authentically as he can. Holding to a firm belief that true art carries with it the power to bring all people together through sharing the human experience, he seeks to help elevate our culture in anyway he can by sharing meaningful stories.