The Watchman EP Release


This week we (myself and The Attic Kids) released our second EP, The Watchman. We recorded it in the Attic a few months ago during finals week. In retrospect we definitely could have picked a better time to record, but that was part of the fun. 

I wanted to write a little about the songs and our process making the EP. 

For anyone who has seen the Attic, they know it isn't the biggest space. Nor is it ideal for recording. But, it feels cozy and welcoming; it feels like home. And that is exactly why we decided to record it there.

We wanted people to feel like they were hanging out with us in the Attic, jamming, and having a good time.

As much as we could, we tried to stay authentic to that vision and record in such a way that preserved the energy of the Attic.

Drums, bass, guitar, and vocals were all recorded live in the same room on our tape machine. After a couple more layers we moved to the laptop for the final overdubs and finished up the mixing over the weekend. 

It is our hope that despite the roughness around the edges, people can listen and feel welcomed into our lovely little Attic. We had a great time recording these songs and we are excited to share them with everyone!