I got a camera.

A few weeks ago, Erin and I decided to get a camera— sure I've used a point and shoot, but I've never owned a "real" camera. This is brand new territory for me.

Aside from the expertise of Tim and Jonah, countless articles and videos have been my guides as I’ve stumbled like an infant into the world of photography. And just as a child might, I have been looking at everything with wide eyes and searching for something new in what’s familiar. 

I want to see something again for the first time.

My thought was— if I explored photography, I could find more inspiration in other artistic pursuits. I've experienced this principle before. For example: the times I have been consistent with reading and writing poetry, I've felt more mindful and I tend to see with fresh perspective. Lately, that is exactly what I've needed.

This is my favorite shot— Erin doesn't like it because her eyebrows are messy.

I have been in a sort of songwriting rut these last few months, and in an effort to get a groove back, I have tried to branch out in search for more sources of inspiration. Thus, I buy a camera.

Having another avenue of creative exploration has helped me circumnavigate some of these roadblocks, and I feel energized. 

Thank you Tim, for introducing me to this world; and thank you Erin, for encouraging me.

Enjoy some of these shots— what turned out and what didn’t— from my first few rolls. Join me in the adventure.

The Watchman EP Release


This week we (myself and The Attic Kids) released our second EP, The Watchman. We recorded it in the Attic a few months ago during finals week. In retrospect we definitely could have picked a better time to record, but that was part of the fun. 

I wanted to write a little about the songs and our process making the EP. 

For anyone who has seen the Attic, they know it isn't the biggest space. Nor is it ideal for recording. But, it feels cozy and welcoming; it feels like home. And that is exactly why we decided to record it there.

We wanted people to feel like they were hanging out with us in the Attic, jamming, and having a good time.

As much as we could, we tried to stay authentic to that vision and record in such a way that preserved the energy of the Attic.

Drums, bass, guitar, and vocals were all recorded live in the same room on our tape machine. After a couple more layers we moved to the laptop for the final overdubs and finished up the mixing over the weekend. 

It is our hope that despite the roughness around the edges, people can listen and feel welcomed into our lovely little Attic. We had a great time recording these songs and we are excited to share them with everyone!


Our wonderful friend Brenna took this picture. When she sent it to me, she said that she didn't know if I could use it because of the grain and blur.

But I like it.

There is something about this picture that, I believe, is beautifully fitting for my music and artistic endeavors as a whole.

I think of my favorite memories growing up— running around our neighborhood barefoot, dirt clod wars in grandpas new barn, riding our bikes all over town, taking shortcuts through the woods— they're dirty, blurry, and sunburnt.

Much of what I aim to capture as an artist, are those highs and lows our memories just can't seem to keep  clear— when emotions ran too hot or too cold and we were left with a grainy blurry picture left over.

But, that picture gives us something; it brings back a feeling; challenges us to look back on both joy and sadness; it tests our ability to forgive, or our trust that, though better days may be behind us, they are ahead of us as well. 

For me, it's hard to look back and see things without the grain. Sometimes my memory only projects images of black and white. Just the same, when I imagine the future, it's a little blurry. I can't help it. But I think that maybe, it's the way life is supposed to be.